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    April 22, 2013
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- what? [bleep] you, cupid me! - tee hee hee! [bleep] you! - hey, stop it! - haah! - no! - ahh-ha-ha-haah! from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the daily show with jon stewart. ( cheers and applause ). captioning sponsored by comedy central >> jon: welcome to the daily show. my name is jon stewart. what a show for you tonight. from the hit show mad man christina hendricks will be joining us in a little bit. but, folks, a lot has happened since we last spoke on thursday. for a country whose political institutions have in many ways
stunned mercury sently with the lack of courage and competence, it was refreshing to see some of our civic institutions displaying both traits in full force: caring for the wounded, tracking down, killing and/or capturing perps, we call them perps in the make-believe law enforcement trade. doing it all within one week or to put that in political senate terms, three filibusters and a secret poll. as always after the crisis passes, thoughts turn to what does this mean? first, reflections from overseas. >> the czech republic is a european country. it's a different thing than chechnya. >> jon: that is the czech republic ambassador feeling the justified need to explain to an american audience that two similar-sounding foreign nations are not necessarily the same nation. i interrupted you. please go on. >> obviously we've been seeing
things on the social media that people are saying that the czech republic and chechnya. the schem republic is a country of central europe and your nato ally. >> jon: who said the czech republic wasn't an ally. do you really think we would overreact to a terror attack on our soil by invading a country that had absolutely nothing to do with... (laughing). ( cheers and applause ). all right. wait a minute. are you calling us stupid? that's disrespectful to get a country bombed. no, no disrespect. the important thing is here in america, this tragedy absolutely demonstrates the intense urgency of whatever issue was already your preconceived priority. >> we're addressing a broken immigration system. what happened in boston and
international terrorism i think should urge us to act quicker not slower when it comes to getting the 11 million identify. >> jon: immigration reform must proceed posthaste. >> given the events of this week it's important for us to understand the gaps and loopholes in our immigration system. this is not something to be... >> jon: we need to slow immigration down. in the wake of the boston terror attack the only thing more important than getting immigration reform done is slowing immigration reform down. you're welcome. this is a bit of a rorschach crime in the same way you might look at this rorschach blot and see a beautiful butterfly sitting on a penis. whereas others might look at that rorschach and see an annoying butterfly blocking my view of that penis. shoo, shoo. >> our next guest is facing mounting criticism for a tweet sent moments after the capture of the second bombing suspect. new york state senator greg ball
wrote this. so [bleep] number 2 in custody. who wouldn't use torture on this punk to save more lives? >> jon: i get it. we're all a little emotional on twitter. you're watching something. you get charged up. you might end up impulsively advocating torture or getting in a flame war with a believer. i'm sorry. i think anne frank is more of a one-direction type gal. any other versions of the bombing's real lesson. >> in watertown they're going door to door. there was a real concern that this fell oal might be on the loose. might break into their house and might take hostages. would people have liked to have guns sniem sure. that would have made everything go much more smoothly if only everyone had guns and bombs and whatever the [bleep] they could get their hands on. let me play you the actual footage of this guy's arrest.
you needed a helmet. that's what you needed. tarantino listens to that and goes, tone it down. too much. for all the conjecture there are now a few things we do know for sure about terror suspects. for more we're joined by aasif mandvi live in boston. thank you so much for joining us. ( cheers and applause ). >> thank you, jon. jon: you've been up in boston. you have been following this story from the very beginning. what can you tell us about the suspect so far. >> i can tell you this, jon. when they first released those photos, muslims all over america said, "thank god they are not muslim." >> jon: right. but then on... on friday we found out they were muslims. >> yeah but not muslim-muslim. jon: you mean because they're white. >> not just white. the whitest of white. i mean, they were literally from
caulk asia. >> jon: obviously in people's eyes, it can still link islam to terrorism. why does it make a difference that they're white? >> it means no one will be yelling at me on the street for the next month. okay. i mean, they'll still say, hey, kumar, can i get your autograph? i'm okay with that. now the bigots have to get creative. good luck coming up for slurs with chechens. go back where you came from, ushanka-head. >> jon: is that a real thing or a slur you made up. >> it's their distinctive fur hat, jon. i had to look it up on wikipedia. that's how hard it is going to be. >> jon: i'm not sure that coming up with no ethnic stereotypes is really the most productive use of our time right now. >> have you got a better idea, jon? i can't make heads or tails of this mess. the more we know about these guys the harder it is to get a handle on it.
>> jon: chechens. chechnya might as well be a suburb of narnia. for 12 years americans have been told a nice little story about who the bad guys are and what they look like. and then along come these two. the muslim. they're white. they're immigrants but they're americans. they're athletes. dzhokhar is a monster yet kind of a hottie. >> jon: i get that. they're from the suburbs yet they like the hip hop. >> i'm pretty sure that one is difficult. but the point is there's too much going on with these guys. even the guys' names. dzhokhar tsarnaev. it's like he managed to squeeze every letter of the al a bet in there. you can anagram to spell anything from overt hazard shank to zack efron sucks to jello pudding pops. can't get more american than that. ( cheers and applause ). >> jon: yellow pudding pops? the last few, aasif, i'm pretty
sure at least two of those were not actually anagrams. >> i do not know how anagrams work, jon. >> jon: aasif mandvi, everybody. -x,x,yye,x o$,v1
( cheers and applause ). >> jon: welcome back to the show. welcome back.
it's important to give credit where credit is due. this past week no one has been more deserving than nbc. pete williams did a great job when he was covering this terror attack. brian williams did a great job. serena williams, i thought, was very good. robin williams, will i am, everyone in the entire nbc williams' family. of course, there were the occasional news slip-ups. your new york post. might have misidentified two high school students at terrorists and put them on the cover of their newspaper. but, you know, obviously a paper run by accuracy aficionado rupert murdoch would obviously be quick to correct such an egregious mistake. >> rupert murdoch the owner of the new york post has not apologized. in fact he said on twitter and i'll read it. only new york post pictures were
those distributed by f.b.i. and instantly drawn when f.b.i. changed direction. >> jon: why wouldn't rupert murdoch apologize for endangering two totally innocent young men? is it perhaps that years ago he purchased and had installed all of hitler's internal organs? of course everyone had a little fun at cnn's expense for their monster gaffe when they claimed an arrest had been made in the case and there was none. they took extra care not to misreport again. >> of course we have no idea on the motivation. we have to emphasize that again and again and again because at this point we have absolutely no idea. >> did the police give you any indication of what kind of activity is going on? >> they're not. no. they're not giving us any sense of what's going on. >> it's just odd. we don't know why this happened. >> this is a lot of firsts going on. not every movement means that something meaningful is happening. >> jon: see? is that so hard? what's going on over there? [bleep]. much more responsible way of
broadcasting than your usual say it first and have anderson cooper correct it later. at least they're trying something a little different. while all the other networks chose to have an anchor in the studio that kept the kay on thetic coverage from going adrift. cnn went more with your sand lot football. everyone go long! forcing their reporters to let the control room know when they were open for an on-camera pass. >> guys, you got to come to us. listen, okay. a huge... jake, jake, jake, john. >> jon: i think the lady on camera four as to pee. let's go to her live and find out. camera four. i'm kidding. it must have been big news to break. what was the big news? >> jake, jake, jake, john, a huge caravan of cars. we can smell smoke right now. there's a helicopter up in the air. the smell of smoke is in the air. it's definite.
there's a huge presence here. look at all these cars that are coming. something just happened. we don't know what it is. >> jon: you're flagging down the cameraman. it turns out it's p. diddy and his entourage. i apologize but the up to the minute coverage. >> a couple of cars are now beginning to move. >> cars going straight. you've got cars peel to go the right. a number of vehicles just pulled out. we hear one of the canine dogs barking. interesting. that dog is barking. >> we can smell... there was something in the air. >> that's at least a third canine dog. again barking. barking very, very loudly. they may be smelling what we thought we smelled. >> jon: let me tell you something with canine dogs. i got one of them.
they bark a lot. sometimes they'll just [bleep] stare out the window and bark even when there's nothing out there. sometimes he licks his own genitals, you know. you can't always read a lot into what they do. newswise. but if there's one thing you can say for this network, they were there. >> you can hear this officer. this officer is now clearing people even farther from norfolk street. >> get out of the way, please. we are also being told to stand back because we're being moved right now. officer, what's going on? >> i don't know but i need you across the street to keep you safe. >> we snake through alleys and backyards to get to a couple of hundred of yards near the boat. police rushed us saying we were in the cross fire zone. >> clear out. please. sniem what a great use of police
resources, rushing the camera crew. not sure the search for the dangerous terrorist is the best time to say screw the cops. even the tmz guy would be like [bleep] let them do their jobs. it was a noble effort. you know, keep going. it will get better. any final thoughts? >> being in watertown right now, the streets are empty. it's erie. it's as though a bomb had dropped somewhere. >> jon: yes, it does seem like that sometimes. it's not so much a metaphor as, what actually happened. it's not so much a metaphor as, what actually happened. we'll be right ba ba
( cheers and applause ). >> jon: welcome back. my guest tonight the star of mad men, please welcome to the show christina hendricks.
( cheers and applause ). thanks for being here. oh, joan, joan, joan. oh, sweet joan. >> poor joan. jon: poor joan. i know. jon: what's a guy to do? one hit after another, it seems. >> jon: it just doesn't seem fair. she is the only character that i feel like should still be alive in the '70s. >> why is that? why is she the only one? >> jon: because there's something still good about joan. >> she tries to be good, i think. >> jon: what about this for joan in the '70s, a spin-off where it's just you and you solve mysteries in a van? >> absolutely. jon: joan. uses her feminine we'lls to solve crimes. >> jon: why not? i would have gotten away with it too. you know, do you read your
scripts? and do you think to yourself as you're reading down because the men in this show are terrible people. >> making some bad decisions. jon: yes. but do you ever read to scripts and think to yourself, that still happens? yeah, that still happens in modern life? that is the plight of women. while it has improved it has not advanced to the point where these are the types of mistreatments that are so unusual that they're extinct? >> absolutely. i think that all the time. in fact that's a question that we get almost all the time. oh, my gosh, are you glad things are so different? can't you believe it? thank goodness. yeah, i mean, i would rather live in 2013 any day but those scripts are right. they're doing things we can all relate to today. i think that's why people respond to the show as well.
>> jon: also because it is... there are certain things i think part of the allure is the seductiveness and the behavior and the consequences don't catch up until a couple of episodes from then. so it really is like life. >> it really is. but i do like that we do periodically show the consequences which i think is important. i like when an episode starts with this hacking, waking up and coughing and coughing and coughing and you're like, yep, that will do it. >> jon: that's what happens when dan rather is on tv selling cigarettes, that will do it for you. the thing about draper is that early on when he first came out like all those habits he's dangerous and cool. then a couple seasons go by and you're like oh, my god, what a sad loser. slowly it shows the deterioration of those choices and what it begins, the
corrosiveness that it has on people. all the people around you. >> i think that's why an extraordinary job of story telling because it is sort of emotional to feel that, to start out feeling like i want to be this guy, this guy is cool. and he gets the ladies and looks good. >> jon: you know. cancel the consequences things, you're right. i want to be like that guy. you just described it again and i'm like, yeah, you're right. >> that's the thing even with all the consequences people still think it looks glamorous and it's intriguing. >> jon: the thing that is interesting to me is i was alive in the '60s. i don't remember it so well but i remember the consequences really hitting the fan in the '70s. like all the intrigue of the '60s, it was almost like on new year's eve in 1970 they're like stay tuned, everyone's lives are going to blow up. that's that whole decade of like i'm okay-you're okay.
my mom used to have a shirt that said a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle and me and my brother are like, all right. you know, walking around the house, you're probably right. we're just going to go upstairs and listen to pink floyd. >> yeah, i mean, there's so much change. i think that's one of the reasons matt wrote about this decade in particular is it was sort of this hazy glow of everything is okay and it's interesting to look back. it's not that long ago. and yet it almost seems like fantasy. >> jon: this is one of those shows where people's interest in the episodes are so high that they can't tell you what's happening. like do they tell you, do they go, you're not going to believe your season. it's great. or are they like a guard comes with two pages of script and he sits there and reads it. you memorize this. here. >> well, it's a little bit of both. i mean people who come on and are maybe just in one episode
them don't get the full script. they'll just get the pages and what to say. but over the years, i usually call matt at the beginning of the season and okay tell me everything. he's like okay. he'll start with one story line and sort of give me an overview of the season. sometimes those things make it in. sometimes they don't. sometimes the story telling gets a little veered one way or the other but this season was the first time he didn't give me anything. i'd call him and he'd go i don't know yet. i would go i'll be patient. >> jon: do you die? yes. yes, i do. >> jon: joan reincarnated solving mysteries. all right. for those of you who know mad men airs on a.m.c. sunday night at 9:00. christina hendricks, keep it going.